Rinnai Hotflo 160 litre Electric Hot Water Heater

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Rinnai Hotflo 160 litre Electric Hot Water Heater


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Rinnai Hotflo Electric Hot Water Storage 160L: Reliable Hot Water for Medium-Sized Families

Impressive Capacity: 

The Rinnai Hotflo Electric Hot Water Storage 160L offers an impressive 160-litre capacity, making it an ideal choice for medium-sized families and dwellings. This tank can provide consistent hot water for 4-5 people, ensuring your household's needs are met.

Peace of Mind: 

Designed for peace of mind, this hot water system is thermostatically controlled with a safety temperature shut-off feature. This safety measure adds an extra layer of protection to your hot water supply.

Durable Construction: 

The tank is lined with vitreous enamel, adding durability and ensuring a long lifespan. It's designed to withstand the demands of daily hot water usage.

Versatile Installation Options: 

The Rinnai Hotflo 160L system offers flexible installation options. It can be installed both internally and externally, providing versatility in terms of placement.

Australian Manufactured: 

This hot water tank is proudly manufactured in Australia, ensuring quality and reliability.

Performance and Features:

Perfect for Medium-Sized Families: With its 160-litre capacity, this system is designed to meet the hot water needs of medium-sized families and dwellings.

Inbuilt Anode Protection: An inbuilt anode protection system extends the life of the hot water tank, reducing maintenance requirements.

Dual Handed Design: The dual-handed design allows for increased flexibility during installation, making it easier to fit into your chosen location.

Pressure Temperature Relief Valve: Safety is a priority with the inclusion of a pressure temperature relief valve.

Thermostatically Controlled: The system is thermostatically controlled with a safety temperature shut-off for added peace of mind.

The Rinnai Hotflo Electric Hot Water Storage 160L is a reliable and efficient solution for medium-sized families and dwellings. With its impressive capacity and durable construction, it ensures a consistent hot water supply for your household needs.

[Note: This hot water storage system is suitable for both internal and external use. It also offers single or twin element configurations, providing flexibility for your specific requirements.]

Warranty Information (warranty conditions apply)

Storage cylinder

10 year warranty for the cylinder

Labour and parts

1 year warranty


Height: 1620 mm

Width: 500 mm

Depth: Allow for electric cover plate

Delivery Information

All Hot Water Systems have Nationwide delivery and in the majority of cases shipping is free!

Please note that all sales need to be within a 50km radius of a town with a population over 30,000. If you are not within this area please phone for availability.

Special Note

Prices listed next to each heater* are for supply and install in the Brisbane, gold coast and Ipswich areas only. Supply & Install prices are for like for like installations. Tempering valve if required is an additional $185.00
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