Thermann 160L 3.6kW Single Element Electric Hot Water System

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Thermann 160L 3.6kW Single Element Electric Hot Water System


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Thermann 160L Electric Hot Water System: Efficient and Reliable

Introducing the Thermann 160L Electric Hot Water System, an Australian-made solution that guarantees a continuous supply of hot water. Designed to meet the needs of homes with 1 to 2 bathrooms and 2 to 3 people, it's an ideal choice for many households.

Key Features:

  • Australian Made Tanks: Trust in local quality and support.
  • Easy Changeover: Upgrade or replace with ease, thanks to an identical electric footprint.
  • Dual Handed Water Connections: Simplified installation to suit various plumbing setups.
  • State-of-the-Art Manufacturing: Enjoy durability and reliability.
  • Hard Water Element Options: Say goodbye to scale buildup with specialized elements.

How It Works:

  • Turn on a Hot Water Tap: Instantly access hot water when needed.
  • Draw Hot Water from the Top: A consistent and reliable supply.
  • Cold Water Enters from the Bottom: Ensuring a steady flow of hot water.


  • Size and Dimensions: Compact and versatile design, ideal for homes.
  • Usage Details: Suitable for 1 to 2 bathrooms and 2 to 3 people.
  • Installation: Can be installed internally or externally, offering flexibility.
  • Controllers Available: No need for additional controllers.
  • Tank Material: Durable vitreous enamel for long-lasting performance.
  • Tank Capacity: Provides 160 liters of hot water to meet your daily needs.
  • Hot Water Delivery (First Hour): Offers 160 liters in the first hour.
  • Recovery Rate: Quickly refills with a 62L/h recovery rate at a 50-degree temperature rise.
  • Element Size: Features an efficient 3.6 kW element for heating.
  • Fuel Type: Operates on electricity.
  • System Connections: Dual Handed for easy installation.
  • Safety Features: Relief valve activates at 99°C.
  • Pressure Settings: Maximum supply pressure with or without ECV.
  • Pressure Limiting Valve: Set at 500 kPa.
  • Relief Valve Setting: Set at 1000 kPa with a power rating of 10 kW.

Warranty Information

Tank Warranty: 10 Years 

Parts and Labour: 12 Months 

**Warranty Conditions apply

‍Delivery Information

All Hot Water Systems have Nationwide delivery and in the majority of cases shipping is free!

Please note that all sales need to be within a 50km radius of a town with a population over 30,000. If you are not within this area please phone for availability.

Special Note

Prices listed next to each heater* are for supply and install in the Brisbane, gold coast and Ipswich areas only. Supply & Install prices are for like for like installations. Tempering valve if required is an additional $185.00
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