Rinnai Infinity 32L Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater

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Rinnai Infinity 32L Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater


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Rinnai Infinity 32: Endless Hot Water for Larger Homes

Luxurious Hot Water:

The Rinnai Infinity 32 Continuous Flow is designed to provide instant hot water for larger homes with 2-3 bathrooms (2-4 in warmer climates). It ensures you never run out of hot water, providing a continuous supply.


This unit is unparalleled in performance and eco-efficiency. It uses considerably less gas compared to a standard storage gas hot water system. It only heats water when you turn on a tap, conserving energy and reducing running costs.

Simple Installation:

Designed for easy domestic commissioning and installation, the slimline unit can withstand tough Australian conditions and save outdoor space.

Advanced Features:

The Rinnai Infinity 32 comes equipped with a host of features including a built-in temperature control display, enhanced safety monitor, and puretemp™ stability control.


Customize your Infinity 32 system with a comprehensive range of hot water controllers to enhance your hot water experience.

Compact and Eco-Friendly:

It has a 6.0 Star efficiency rating, ensuring low running costs, high efficiency, and low greenhouse gas emissions. It's also suitable for higher ambient water temperatures and compatible with low flow-rated shower fixtures.

Quality and Reliability:

With Japanese design and manufacturing, Rinnai ensures that this unit offers precise temperature control for safety and convenience.

The Rinnai Infinity 32 is the perfect solution for larger homes that demand a continuous supply of hot water. Its eco-efficiency, advanced features, and reliability make it a top choice for endless hot water.

[Dimensions: H: 60, W: 47, D: 27.1]

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Domestic Installation Warranty

Heat Exchanger
12 year warranty on the heat exchanger
3 year warranty on labour

Parts and Labour
3 year warranty

Commercial Installation Warranty

Heat Exchanger
1 year warranty on the heat exchanger
1 year warranty on labour

Parts and Labour
1 year warranty


Height: 600 mm
Width: 470 mm
Depth: 244 mm

Pick Up Information

This Rinnai Infinity 32L Product is available for Pick Up Only. Our office is located at 34 Forge Street Blacktown, NSW 2148.

Upon In-store pickup, please be advised that you may be asked to provide your driver’s licence and credit card used to purchase the heater to the shop associate. The order cannot be completed if you do not present both a valid driver’s licence and the credit card used to purchase the heater.

Special Note

Prices listed next to each heater* are for supply and install in the Brisbane, gold coast and Ipswich areas only. Supply & Install prices are for like for like installations. Tempering valve if required is an additional $185.00
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