Electric hot water systems Brisbane

September 8, 2021

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Electric hot water systems Brisbane

This blog outlines electric hot water systems of different types and sizes to suit your property and needs. We will explore the finest brands and discuss the best options for you. In evaluating each type of electric water heater, we also contrast them against other water heating solutions.

Types of electric hot water system Brisbane

Electric hot water systems are an increasingly popular choice in Brisbane homes. They offer a reliable, energy-efficient, cost-effective way to meet your household’s hot water needs.

When considering electric hot water systems, you must decide whether you want a storage or tankless system. Storage systems are the most common and store hot water in an insulated tank when needed. Tankless systems heat the water on demand and don’t require a storage tank. There are instant water heaters and continuous-flow water heaters, both tankless systems. Another type is an electric heat pump which heats water by transferring energy from the surrounding air.

Storage Electric Hot Water Systems

Storage electric hot water systems store and retain hot water in an insulated tank until needed. They are typically larger than tankless systems and are an excellent choice for those who need large amounts of hot water at once. A storage electric hot water system can also be easily installed outdoors, making it an excellent option for homes with limited space. These storage systems suit most household sizes and can accommodate larger families. For example, there are storage systems sized for small households of 1-2 people and larger models that can provide hot water for larger homes of up to 10 people.

The disadvantages of storage systems include requiring more energy to keep the hot water in the tank, which can result in higher energy bills. Additionally, the tanks may need to be replaced over time due to corrosion or rust. The maintenance of these systems is also important, as sediment build-up will reduce efficiency.

Instantaneous Electric Hot Water Systems

Instantaneous electric hot water systems are the most energy-efficient choice for those who want an on-demand hot water supply. These units heat the water as it passes through and provide hot water instantly. They come in indoor and outdoor varieties, so you can find one to fit your home’s requirements.

What's the difference between a tankless water heater and instant water heater?

There is no distinction between an instant and a tankless water heater; they are the same. Fundamentally, these two types of warmers can be categorized as either tankless or storage vessels.

What is the disadvantage of instant water heater?

The most significant disadvantage of an instant water heater is that it can be more expensive to install than other types. The average cost of an electric tankless water heater can be up to three times more than a conventional storage water heater, depending on your chosen size and type.

A typical tankless water heater must be vented and requires additional piping and wiring to connect it to the existing plumbing system. Additionally, because they only heat the water when needed, they can be slow to heat up during peak usage. This can lead to an uncomfortable wait for hot water if more than one person uses the system.

Why don t more people use tankless water heaters?

Tankless water heaters have recently gained popularity, but many are still unaware of their benefits. The upfront cost can be intimidating, and the extra installation costs put many people off. Additionally, some tankless water heaters require professional installation due to their complexity. If a homeowner is uncomfortable with electrical or plumbing work, a tankless water heater may not be the best choice.

Heat Pump Electric Hot Water Systems

Heat pump electric hot water systems transfer energy from the surrounding air to heat the water. This makes them an extremely energy-efficient solution compared to other electric hot water systems. They are most useful in warm climates where there is a high humidity level. Heat pump electric hot water systems also require regular maintenance to operate as efficiently as possible. The lifespan of a heat pump electric hot water system is usually around 10-15 years, so it may not be the most cost-effective solution in the long run.

What is the most efficient electric hot water heating system?

Of the three types of electric hot water systems discussed, the most efficient is the heat pump electric hot water system. This system utilizes energy from the surrounding air to heat the water and is a much more efficient solution than traditional electric storage or tankless systems. However, it should be noted that these systems require regular maintenance and may not be the most cost-effective solution in the long run. Additionally, they are only suitable for warm climates with high humidity levels. Good news for Brisbaners, this option could be perfect for you!

A heat pump eclectic can supply hot water up to five times faster than a traditional electric storage system. It can also have a capacity of up to 400 litres per hour, which makes it perfect for larger households. This system can also provide cool water during the summer months through its reverse cycle feature!

Last word

All of these electric hot water systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Understanding your needs and researching the best solution for your home are essential before deciding. With professional advice, you can choose an electric hot water system that will provide your family with reliable hot water for years. At Mitchell Plumbing Brisbane, we can help you find the perfect fit for your home and budget. Give us a call today to get started!

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