Thermann Solar Tank Mid Element G/L 3.6kW 315L

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Thermann Solar Tank Mid Element G/L 3.6kW 315L


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Thermann Solar Tank Mid Element G/L 3.6kW 315L

The Thermann Solar Tank with a Mid Element, 3.6kW, and a 315-liter capacity is designed to work in conjunction with evacuated tube solar electric boosted systems. This system offers reliability and efficiency in providing hot water while reducing energy consumption.

Key Features:

  • Evacuated tube solar electric boosted systems: These systems are designed to maximize the conversion of solar energy into usable hot water. Passive sun tracking ensures that more of the sun's rays are captured throughout the day, reducing your power bills.


  • Size and Dimensions:
  • Approximate Weight (Empty): 92 kg
  • Capacity: 315 liters
  • Tank Diameter: 617 mm
  • Tank Height: 1765 mm
  • Product Information:
  • Product Type: Electric Storage (Solar)
  • Solar ready tank: This tank is designed to be installed now and can be upgraded to a solar system at a later date.
  • Element Information:
  • Element Size: 3.6 kW
  • Element Location: Mid Element
  • Relief Valve Setting: 850 kPa

The Thermann Solar Tank is designed to be part of a solar hot water system and is equipped with a mid-element heating system. It has a substantial capacity of 315 liters, making it suitable for households that aim to harness solar energy for hot water needs. The solar-ready feature provides flexibility for future upgrades to a full solar system.

Warranty Information

Cylinder Warranty: 10 Years 

Spare Parts and Labour - Domestic: 12 Months 

**Warranty Conditions apply

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Special Note

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