Dux Hot Water System Prices


Dux Hot Water Systems, a quintessential Australian brand, is highly esteemed for its superior longevity, performance, and energy efficiency.

The brand offers an eclectic range of hot water systems, inclusive of electric, gas, solar and heat pump variants, aptly catering to the diverse needs of the domestic and commercial sectors across Australia.

The Dux Prodigy 5 Star Gas Storage Water Heater, for instance, stands as a stalwart among their offerings, delivering an impressive capacity of 135 litres. With a weight of about 58kg, this unit stands at a height of 1747mm and a width of 421mm. It exhibits a robust design, carrying the familiar cream-white finish characteristic of many Dux models, which adds a subtle aesthetic appeal to its robust performance.

The Dux Airoheat Heat Pump Water Heater, an environmentally-friendly option, boasts a lower capacity of 250 litres but remains a heavyweight in the market due to its innovative design. Weighing about 90kg, this system measures around 1900mm high and 632mm wide. Adorned in a sleek silver-grey finish, it's designed to blend seamlessly with modern exterior decors.

When considering electric storage models, the Dux Proflo series provides an array of capacities from compact 25 litres to a sizable 400 litres. Weights range from 18kg for the smallest units to 74kg for the largest, and they all sport a classic white finish, ensuring a clean, unobtrusive appearance.

As for solar hot water systems, Dux offers the Sunpro series which includes gas or electric boosted options. These systems carry larger capacities, often between 250 to 400 litres, and their weight can exceed 100kg due to the inclusion of solar collector panels. This weight doesn't include the solar collectors, which vary depending on the number of panels included in the system. They're typically finished in a classic white, with the solar panels in black to effectively absorb solar energy.

In terms of pricing, Dux hot water systems present excellent value for the quality they deliver. Basic electric storage models can start from as low as $500 AUD, whereas the more technologically advanced heat pump and solar models can reach up to $5,000 AUD. Please remember, these costs are indicative and exclude the additional cost of professional installation.

Dux hot water systems blend high functionality with aesthetically pleasing designs. The various sizes and weights of their systems ensure a solution for almost any hot water requirement. Whether you are looking for an environmentally-friendly solar or heat pump system, a large-capacity gas model, or a compact electric unit, Dux offers high-performing, efficient, and reliable options. Each Dux model brings with it a promise of quality, reliability, and durability, making it a preferred choice for many Australian homes and businesses.

Dux Hot Water Systems, a reliable and trusted Australian brand, are renowned for their longevity, performance, and energy efficiency. They offer a diverse range of hot water systems, including electric, gas, solar and heat pump models, catering to the various needs of Australian households and businesses.

How Long Should a Dux Hot Water System Last?

Dux hot water systems are designed and built to last. On average, with regular maintenance, a Dux hot water system can last between 10 to 15 years. The life expectancy can vary depending on the model, usage, and water quality. Regular maintenance, including checking for leaks, flushing the tank, and inspecting for corrosion, can help extend the life of your system.

Is Rheem Better Than Dux?

Both Rheem and Dux are popular and reliable hot water system brands in Australia, and choosing between them can often come down to specific needs and personal preference. Rheem tends to be well-regarded for its broad range of high-quality, energy-efficient models, while Dux stands out for its innovation and robustness. Ultimately, both brands offer excellent products, and your choice may come down to factors such as model availability, pricing, warranty terms, and personal preference.

Is Dux a Good Brand?

Dux is considered a high-quality and reputable brand in the Australian hot water system market. They have been manufacturing in Australia for over 100 years, providing reliable and innovative hot water solutions to Australian households. Dux is known for their focus on efficiency, sustainability, and advanced technology. Customer reviews often highlight the reliability, efficiency, and longevity of Dux hot water systems.

How Much is the Dux Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water System?

The price of a Dux gas boosted solar hot water system can vary depending on the model and capacity. As a guide, you can expect to pay between $3,000 to $5,000 AUD for the system itself, excluding installation. This price range is for models that include both solar collector panels and a gas booster. The exact cost will depend on factors like the number of solar panels and the capacity of the gas booster. It's always recommended to get a quote from a professional installer to understand the full cost, including installation and any additional components required. Remember, while the upfront cost can seem high, a gas boosted solar hot water system can lead to significant energy savings over time, which can offset the initial investment.

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