Dux Airoheat 250L Heat Pump

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Dux Airoheat 250L Heat Pump


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Airoheat Heat Pump: Your Eco-Friendly Water Heating Solution

Key Features:

  • No Solar Panels Required: If your home lacks suitable roof space and orientation for solar collectors, Airoheat is your eco-friendly alternative to traditional water heaters.
  • Efficient Technology: Works in a manner similar to a refrigerator but in reverse. It draws in air from outside the tank to heat water, maximizing energy efficiency.
  • Patented In-Tank Heating Coil: Ensures direct heat transfer, eliminating heat loss issues common with other heat pump styles.
  • Fast Installation: Single piece design for quicker installation, saving you time and hassle.
  • Rain-Ready: Composite condensation tray designed for rapid drainage in high rainfall areas.
  • Corrosion Protection: Dual anodes provide enhanced protection against tank corrosion, extending the unit's lifespan.
  • Improved Thermal Efficiency: Minimizes heat loss with a fully insulated storage tank and a robust refrigeration system, increasing overall efficiency.
  • Easy Installation: Water connections on both sides of the tank for straightforward setup.
  • Eligible for STCs: Qualifies for Small-scale Technology Certificates, providing potential incentives for your eco-friendly choice.

Make the environmentally responsible choice with the Airoheat Heat Pump. Even if your home isn't solar-panel-ready, you can still enjoy energy-efficient hot water heating. Mitchell Plumbing and Gas in Brisbane is your trusted partner for professional installation and guidance on maximizing the benefits of this innovative system. Enjoy reliable hot water while reducing your carbon footprint!

Warranty Information (warranty conditions apply)

Storage cylinder

5 year warranty for the cylinder

2 Years warranty on refrigerant components

1 year warranty for the onsite labour


Please note that all STCS and VEECS are signed to Mitchell Plumbing and Gas as a point of sale discount with all supply and install pricing


Height: 1710 mm

Width: 635 mm

Delivery Information

This hot water system is offered with free delivery to Melbourne, Woolongong, Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, and South East Queensland

Please note that all sales need to be within a 50km radius of a town with a population over 30,000. If you are not within this area please phone for availability.

Special Note

Prices listed next to each heater* are for supply and install in the Brisbane, gold coast and Ipswich areas only. Supply & Install prices are for like for like installations. Tempering valve if required is an additional $185.00
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