September 8, 2021

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It might be a very obvious answer, but the list of things that plumbers fix is actually quite expansive. Plumbers are well-equipped to tackle a wide range of plumbing problems, from clogs and hot water heaters to dripping taps. Moreover, they can also take care of your gas cooktops or appliances in no time! Let's learn more about what plumbers actually do!


Did you know that plumbers do more than just mend broken pipes and dripping faucets? They are responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing an astonishing array of complex equipment related to water supply, sewage, and drainage systems. This includes fixtures such as toilets, showers, and baths; appliances including dishwashers and washing machines; even water heating systems.

Whether you're seeking a trusted source for hot water units or need to ensure that your current unit is properly serviced, there's an extensive selection of types available – each requiring unique maintenance. Some hot water systems run by electricity or solar and some use gas. A professional plumber is experienced in all the different types of systems and can help you decide which one will best suit your needs.

Plumbers also provide other essential services to keep your home or business running smoothly. They install, inspect, repair and maintain water filtration systems as well as sewage treatment systems and fixtures like sinks,

The plumbing trade is incredibly multifaceted, as there are a variety of blockages that require multiple types of machines and tools to clear. We thrive on the diversity this job offers - it’s definitely something we love! A good plumber will also offer advice on the most suitable systems or materials available for certain jobs.

With so much that a plumber can do, the question is what is the most common task they typically perform?


Plumbers are the real unsung heroes of the home and businesses. They tackle all kinds of projects, from fixing leaky faucets to nearly impossible plumbing installations. So what exactly do plumbers do most? It turns out that the day-to-day work of a plumber is typically quite varied. From minor repairs to large-scale reworkings and new installations, a licensed plumber has the skills and expertise needed to identify problems and create solutions.

Plumbing isn't one size fits all; it's often quite tailored towards particular needs or building types. On any given day, then, we can expect a plumber might be dealing with faulty pipes or appliances in homes or businesses, clearing away blockages in drains and toilets, carrying out routine maintenance tasks (such as descaling showers), or even handling gas safety checks – plus much more!

What the plumber is specialised in also factors what they do the most!

Based on the specific plumbing service provider. For example, plumber experts at handling hot water systems may be most likely to work on hot water systems, while a local handyman might handle smaller jobs such as fixing a leaking tap or replacing showerheads.


People have asked me if they should pay a plumber when the problem isn't fixed. With so many factors at play, it can be difficult to answer this question without looking into specifics. In some cases, what is broken may simply not be repairable; for example, if an inner hot water component has rusted all the way through it could cause more trouble than good to try and fix it. To effectively cut and weld in new parts before coating them over with enamel would cost far more money than purchasing a replacement product altogether!

That's the primary reason why we usually replace them when such an issue occurs. If you can’t unblock it because the pipes are irreparably damaged underground, that is not a repairable problem. To fix this, they must be dug up and replaced instead of simply being pulled out due to blockage.

After all, expenses are taken into account, if no permanent fix is possible and the plumber has explained this to you in detail – there should be nothing stopping you from paying them for the services they have rendered. It’s only fair to pay those who offer their expertise and do what they can in the pursuit of a solution, even if it’s not entirely successful!

When the plumbers have arrived at your property, put in the effort to fix whatever issue you're having, and potentially not even be able to solve it – they deserve payment for their hard work. This is all done with your best interests as a top priority; so never forget that these professionals provide a vital service and should always be compensated for it.


To ensure a plumber is appropriately qualified for the job at hand, it's best to start by doing a license search. All legally certified plumbers are required to have their license number on file with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBBC) website. By visiting QBBC's site and performing an official search, you can easily examine if any particular individual is up-to-date and meets all requirements for your project.

Other state-specific websites may also provide a database of certified plumbers, so be sure to check your local plumbing regulations as well. Additionally, many experienced plumbers will have the necessary qualifications to prove their abilities and industry knowledge, so don't be afraid to ask for credentials when making an inquiry.

Last word

When it comes to plumbing services, there are no one-size-fits-all approach. The type of plumber you need and the work they can do will depend on your needs and the building type. It is important that any potential service provider is appropriately qualified for the job at hand - so make sure to check their license number with QBBC or other state-specific websites before making an inquiry. Additionally, if a problem cannot be fixed due to irreparable damage, don't forget to reward those who have put in the effort by paying them for their hard work - even if it wasn't successful in solving your issue!

Call us at Mitchell Plumbing and Gas Brisbane for any question. thank you for reading!

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