How to Shop for the Right Hot Water Systems Brisbane

September 8, 2021

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How to Shop for the Right Hot Water Systems Brisbane

Should you choose electric, gas, solar or heat pump?

This is the first decision you will need to make to ensure you have the right hot water system. With so many choices, how do you know which one is adequate? The following tips will act as a foundation for you to have confidence and clarity when shopping for the right gas fitters Brisbane and hot water installation brisbane.


  • An electric storage tank is typically low-cost to purchase and install, but it tends to be costly to run if it is on the continuous (full day) rate.
  • Installation is roughly two-fours if it is a replacement of the same system and can be installed in your home or outside.
  • A four-person household is estimated to need a 125L-160L tank for a continuous system or 250-315L for off-peak.
  • If there is an emergency, electric instantaneous water heaters are available.
  • It is essential to know your hot water system accounts for a large proportion of your electricity bills. It is worth checking that you are on the right electricity plan for your needs.
  • Not sure what is right? Seek advice from searching on google “gas fitters Brisbane” or
  • hot water installation Brisbane” to ensure you are getting the top hot water heating system and reputed gastite fittings.


  • Natural gas can be a viable option, but only if you have the connection for it (not all properties do). Gas is cheaper than electricity and gas rates do not inter-change day-to-day, and gas hot water systems can heat water as required.
  • Installation is between two to three hours if the replacement is of the same system.
  • A four-person household needs 135-170L, and an instantaneous system is available.
  • Installation is typically outdoors due to venting, but indoors installation is viable via a flue.
  • Gas has an energy-efficient star rating.
  • If you are unsure whether gas is suitable for you, search on google for “gas fitters brisbane” and “hot water installation brisbane“.


  • Solar consists of solar collector panels and a storage tank. A four-person household tends to need four square metres of a solar collector and roughly 300-360L tank.It is essential to note you will need a large tank for days with minimal sunlight.
  • Solar storage tanks cannot always be installed in your preferred location; you will need a large collection area which aesthetically is not always desirable.
  • In comparison to other hot water systems, solar can be an expensive option and time costly to install. The plumber will be required to inspect your home to inform you whether solar is viable. Solar long-term will pay for itself due to the low-running costs.

Heat Pump

  • A heat pump extracts heat from the air and utilises it to heat the water system. Units are typically joint (tank and compressor), but can be separated too.
  • Installation tends to take an estimated two to three hours for a direct replacement or a similar model.
  • Heat pumps are required to be installed in a ventilated area which is typically outdoors.
  • The compressor on the unit can be loud; there is not always suited for apartment-style living.
  • You will require a 270-315L tank for a four-person household.
  • They work best in warm climates, but there are models available to function optimally in cold temperatures too. Systems have a booster element for cold days or high water usage.

Once you have selected your heating method, the next decision is whether you choose a system with a tank or one that heats water as required.

Storage tank

  • Electric, gas, solar and heat pump hot water systems mostly use a tank.
  • Tanks are insulated, however some heat loss, so it is best to install them in a spot which has high sun exposure.
  • Tanks can wear over time and maintenance every couple of years can hinder this. Typically they have five to ten-year warranties.
  • Most tanks have “sacrificial anodes” which are metal rods located in the tank that attract minerals. Make sure you get Gas fitters Brisbane to check the system and replace the anode every five years, this will prolong the life-span of your tank too.
  • Local water quality will determine which type is best for you, check with the installer if you are unsure.

Continuous flow

  1. A continuous flow hot water system heats water according to how much you need. Although it is known as instantaneous, it can take seconds for it to produce hot water.
  2. Most of the continuous flow models utilise gas, but there are electric models too.
  3. They are often more cost-effective to run because there are no heat losses compared to water in a tank.
  4. Electric continuous flow models use full electricity when they are being used; therefore, costs associated with this model tend to be higher.
  5. Something important to note is sometimes continuous flow heaters do not produce adequate heat if water pressure is too low. If you have a continuous flow model and your shower water is cold, this may be something to keep in mind. The trigger point may need to be assessed to work out if a continuous flow model is best for you.
  6. To make sure you select the right top hot water heating system for your property you’ll need to speak to an expert to know if you require an electric or gas model.

Shopping for the right top hot water heating system can be difficult if you do not know what to look for. Utilise these tips and tricks on solar, gas, electric, storage tank and continuous flow to educate you on what is best for your home.

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