Gas installation in commercial kitchens

September 8, 2021

Mitchel Plumbing Gas

Gas installation in commercial kitchens

Installation of gas in a commercial kitchen is an intricate process and requires professionals such as Mitchell Plumbing & Gas to perform the installation and ensure everything is properly installed. Planning the installation process is key because if gas is installed incorrectly, there can be serious consequences. Issues such as accidental fire or gas leaks could lead to major damage to a kitchen and may cause injuries to the workers and other people in the restaurant.

Do you need gas or plumbing work done in your home? Mitchell Plumbing & Gas provides quality services for maintenance, gas fitting, renovations, and much more. You can trust us for all the commercial kitchen gas pipeline installation in Brisbane.

We have fully licensed professionals who can provide installation or maintenance services for all types of gases. The work of these professionals includes: repairing gas leaks, gas installation, gas plumbing, and much more. Visit our website today for the best commercial kitchen gas pipeline installation services.

Key Steps to Gas Installation

  • Choose the Correct Appliance
  • Ensure the Area is Suitable
  • Delivery
  • Professional Installation
    Choose the Correct Appliance

Installing a new appliance can make your kitchen life easy. However, if you pick the wrong product, you can make a costly mistake. Ensure that you have done your research before purchasing any product. If you don’t know the right product, feel free to consult us. We provide our services for commercial kitchen gas pipeline installation in Brisbane anytime.

Our professional experts will help you choose the best products or give you informative guides that will assist you.

Ensure the Premise is Suitable

After getting the right gas appliance, you need to make sure that the area is suitable for gas installation. It is important to check the premises before making any purchase. When you hire professionals to install your gas but they find an issue with the product or premises, it can cause problems with the installation.

It may also potentially suggest that the unit is not stable, hence causing an expensive stocking fee. We strive to avoid such issues by organizing a commercial survey around your premises. The conditions we check include:

· Size

We check if the product will fit properly with external and internal doors and reach its endpoint.

    Gas Type

We check if you have LPG or main gas, other natural gas appliances, and if there is enough gas pressure to operate each unit.

    Gas Interlock Systems

Gas interlock systems are an additional feature that you need to install if you use indoor gas appliances. It acts like a failsafe, thus restricting the gas flow and preventing any accident caused by a risky gas build-up, especially when the airflow is not sufficient.

We advise our customers to get an efficient gas interlock system since it is an essential requirement by the law.

    Utility Points

We check the distance between the gas connection and the planned area of the appliance. We ensure that if the units need electricity, there are sufficient sockets nearby. Our experts use utility points of one meter from the place of the appliance for a successful installation.


Our professionals will connect a water connection to your gas appliances; if you have steamers or combi ovens, we opt for a permanent water connection. Our experts ensure they create drainage, since it is important where water is used.

    Water Filtration

We recommend the installation of a water filter instead of getting a costly repair for damage scale damage.

For any commercial kitchen gas pipeline installation in Brisbane, you need a gas safety certificate before the installation process begins. We will help you get your certificate and a report confirming the installation meets gas safety regulation requirements.

3.      Delivery

Ensure no signs of damage on the packaging, and report if you get any within 24 hours. Our experts will help you carry it to the appropriate premises.

4.      Professional Installation

Our professional experts will install the gas in your kitchen. They will begin by running the tubes for natural gas in the stoves and ovens and connect and close specific clamps and nozzles. Ensure you hire experienced experts to install the gas for you.

Since commercial kitchens have many gas line connections, our experts confirm that your industrial oven provides enough gas depending on the business or how long you use it. In addition, we offer proper treatment to your grills and stoves in the kitchen to make sure all the connected gas lines are safe.

Do you need gas installation in your commercial kitchen or remodeled kitchen? Check out Mitchell Plumbing and Gas, your trusted and experienced kitchen installers. Mitchell Plumbing & Gas has the best commercial kitchen gas pipeline installation services.Our work is based solely on the requirements and regulations of gas piping system appliances. Our working rules comply with the standards of piping system materials, combustion, ventilation, air supply, and purging.

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