Gas hot water systems Brisbane: Pros and Cons

September 8, 2021

Mitchel Plumbing Gas

Gas hot water systems Brisbane: Pros and Cons

Choosing a water heating system for your Brisbane home requires careful consideration of various factors, including cost, efficiency, safety, and convenience. Gas hot water systems, with the availability of natural gas in Brisbane, present a viable option for many homeowners. This guide aims to provide a straightforward and factual analysis, focusing on gas hot water systems and their relevance to Brisbane residents.

Efficiency and Safety of Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas hot water systems offer the convenience of instant hot water, eliminating the waiting time associated with tank heating. Connected directly to your gas line, these systems provide a safer alternative to electric units. Additionally, they are more energy-efficient, leading to potential savings on energy bills and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

Natural Gas: A Readily Available Resource in Brisbane

Brisbane’s extensive natural gas network ensures that a majority of residents, whether in the inner city or the outer suburbs, have access to natural gas. This includes areas such as Paddington, New Farm, Strathpine, Carseldine, and beyond. Here’s a list of some of the suburbs with natural gas access:

  • Paddington
  • New Farm
  • Strathpine
  • Carseldine
  • Redcliffe
  • Eagleby
  • Darra
  • Moorooka
  • Greenbank
  • Ipswich

Propane Gas: An Alternative Option

For those living outside the natural gas service area, propane gas hot water systems, powered by LPG, offer a safe and efficient alternative. Homeowners can choose to install a tank on their property or opt for a bottle-less system, which requires less maintenance and has no delivery costs.

Selecting the Right Gas Hot Water System for Your Home

When choosing a gas hot water system, consider the size of your household as it will determine the size of the tank or the capacity of the bottle-less system you need. A 24-L storage tank system might be suitable for a family of 1-3 people, while larger households might require a bigger tank or a continuous flow system. Additionally, consider the level of maintenance you are willing to commit to, as tank-based systems require regular cleaning and occasional replacement, whereas bottle-less systems require less maintenance.

Who Installs Hot Water Systems in Brisbane?

Licensed plumbers and gas fitters are qualified to install hot water systems in Brisbane, ensuring that the installation complies with local regulations and safety standards.

Considering Cheap Hot Water Systems in Brisbane

When looking for cost-effective hot water solutions, consider the long-term running costs, potential government rebates, and the system’s energy efficiency. Gas hot water systems, while having a higher upfront cost, can offer long-term savings.

Self-Installation of Hot Water Heaters: Is it Advisable?

Self-installing a hot water heater is not recommended due to the technical expertise required and potential safety risks. It is crucial to hire a licensed professional for installation.

What is the Cost of Hot Water System Installation?

The cost of installing a hot water system in Brisbane varies, with gas hot water systems generally having a higher upfront cost but lower running costs over time.

Comparing Solar, Electric, and Gas Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems offer high energy efficiency but come with a higher upfront cost. Electric systems have lower upfront costs but higher running costs. Gas hot water systems provide a balance, offering lower running costs than electric systems and a more consistent hot water supply than solar systems.

Disadvantages of Gas Water Heaters

Gas water heaters can be expensive to install and maintain, are vulnerable to weather conditions, require regular servicing, and have potential safety risks if not installed correctly.

Gas vs Electric Water Heaters: A Brisbane Perspective

The decision between gas and electric water heaters depends on available energy sources, with gas-powered systems generally offering lower running costs and better long-term efficiency.

Conclusion: Expert Assistance from Mitchell Plumbing and Gas

Researching and choosing the right hot water system is crucial. If transitioning from electric to gas aligns with your household needs and proves cost-efficient, it is a worthwhile consideration. Ensure safety measures are in place and consult with qualified professionals for installation. Mitchell Plumbing and Gas is ready to assist, providing expert advice and installation services for Brisbane residents

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