Gas hot water systems Brisbane: Pros and Cons

September 8, 2021

Mitchel Plumbing Gas

Gas hot water systems Brisbane: Pros and Cons

Deciding on a water heating system for your home can be overwhelming. When selecting the best option, you must consider factors like cost, efficiency, safety, and convenience. But don't worry - with the natural gas available in Brisbane; you have plenty of options that give you the best of all these worlds! In this blog article, we delve further into the advantages of gas-fueled hot water systems compared to other types. Moreover, we also provide insights on what type of system is best suited for Brisbane residents.

Gas hot water systems in Brisbane can provide your home with hot water on demand - no more waiting around for a tank to heat up before having access to hot water. And because they are connected directly to your gas line, they are much safer than electric units. Gas hot water systems are also more energy-efficient than electric ones, so you can save on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint simultaneously!

Natural Gas

Natural gas is available in many parts of Brisbane, making it an excellent option for installing a gas hot water system. Whether you live in the inner city or an outer suburb, there are sure to be natural gas lines running through your area. From Paddington and New Farm in the south-east to Strathpine and Carseldine in the north, much of Brisbane has access to natural gas - meaning you can enjoy all the benefits of having a reliable and efficient hot water system without having to worry about safety or cost.

Here is a list of suburbs in Brisbane with access to natural gas:

- Paddington

- New Farm

- Strathpine

- Carseldine

- Redcliffe

- Eagleby

- Darra

- Moorooka

- Greenbank

- Ipswich

Propane Gas

If you are not within the area of service for natural gas, then you can look into propane gas hot water systems powered by LPG and just as safe and efficient. You can ask the service provider to install a tank for your home or opt for a bottle-less system which is easier to maintain and have no delivery costs. These tanks will be refilled when required, and you can enjoy the same hot water benefits as natural gas.

What is the best type of gas hot water system?

When picking the best type of gas hot water system for your home in Brisbane, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, think about how large your household is - this will determine the size of the tank or bottle-less system you need. For a family of 1-3 people, a 24-L storage tank system might be suitable. However, if you have more than four people living in your home, you might opt for a larger tank or a continuous flow system.

It’s also important to consider the level of maintenance that you can commit to when selecting a gas-hot water system. Tank-based systems require the tank to be regularly cleaned and sometimes replaced. On the other hand, bottle-less systems require less maintenance as they are connected directly to your gas line.

Gas hot water systems offer excellent value and are a great choice for Brisbane homes looking for reliable and energy-efficient hot water solutions. With the various methods available, finding one that fits your household size and maintenance budget is easy.

What are the disadvantages of gas water heater?

Although we have explored the numerous advantages of gas water heaters, there are some cons to consider. Firstly, gas water heaters can be expensive to install and maintain due to the piping and safety regulations involved. If a property is not integrated into the natural gas infrastructure, a propane tank must be installed, which can incur additional costs.

In addition, gas hot water systems are also vulnerable to the weather and require adequate insulation to work at optimal levels. For example, during summer months, the pipes leading to the tank may overheat and affect the performance of your system. Additionally, gas water heaters require regular servicing to ensure they remain in good working order and are running as efficiently as possible.

Moreover, some models of gas water heaters can release carbon monoxide, a toxic and odourless gas that can harm your health. That’s why it’s important to install carbon monoxide detectors in your home and ensure you are purchasing a model that is certified for safety and meets the standards of the Australian Gas Association.

Finally, gas hot water systems can be dangerous if not installed correctly. Improper installation can lead to gas leaks and potential explosions, so it’s crucial to hire a qualified professional to install your system.

Is it worth switching from electric to gas water heater?

When selecting a hot water system for your Brisbane home, the decision between electric or gas-powered systems will depend on what type of energy source is available to you. Electric hot water systems are the more affordable option. However, gas-powered systems boast lower running costs and can pay for themselves over time.

If your home is connected to the natural gas infrastructure, switching from an electric to a gas water heater can be worth switching as they are more efficient and reliable in the long term. If you don’t have access to natural gas, you could still opt for a propane-powered system, which is typically cheaper than electric and provides the same hot water benefits as natural gas.

Last word

Overall, it is worth researching to determine which hot water system will best suit the needs of home size and usage. If you find that switching from electric to gas is more cost-efficient, it might be worth considering. However, ensure you have the proper safety measures in place and contact a qualified professional for installation.

Mitchell Plumbing and Gas are ready to help you switch from electric to gas with our knowledgeable and experienced team. Get in touch today to get consulted on the best option for your Brisbane home.

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