Drainage System Maintenance Guide

September 8, 2021

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Drainage System Maintenance Guide

Sanitation should be of the highest concern inside of your home. Learning how to maintain drainage system components can prevent several problems. We provide a high level of customer service to help you with drainage system maintenance.

By following this guide, we can help you with some of the mos  t common drainage system problems and solutions.

What is a Drainage System?

A drainage system is what allows water and waste to flow out of your home so that it is properly disposed of. When the system backs up, it can cause much of that waste to enter your home – either through toilets, sinks, or other drains. This can lead to strong odours and countless sanitary issues.

While drainage systems can vary based on the municipality and the individual home, it is important to understand how to maintain drainage system components. It ensures that you become a responsible homeowner.

Common Drainage Problems & Solutions

Drainage system repairs can be expensive. As such, it makes sense to maintain your system and identify problems so that solutions can be applied as quickly as possible.

Conduct Inspections

You’ll want to perform a visual inspection at least quarterly. This includes looking for leaks and searching for operating faults. Components should be inspected for wear and tear and/or blockage. All observations should be recorded.

Plants Near the Drainage System are Dying

If you find that plants that are near the drains are suddenly dying, it may be a sign that there is damage to the valves or fittings. If you understand how to maintain drainage system components, you’ll want to practice weed control, too. Often, roots will burrow their way through components, leading to the need to replace those components.

Strong Odours are Present in Drains

When you don’t notice a waste backup but you do notice strong odours, it is usually a sign that the drainage system needs to be flushed and cleaned. You’ll want to clear the silt from the channels so that everything is draining properly. Based on the user guide of your drainage system, you’ll want to obtain the necessary chemicals to conduct the flushing.

Water/Sewage is Backing Up

When there’s an actual backup, it’s likely because there is damage to the pumps. They may have short-circuited or they may have been damaged by pests or other vermin. You’ll want to conduct a physical inspection to see if there is damage. If you can see physical damage caused by pests, you’ll want to have the area treated. Otherwise, it will be necessary to service/replace the pump so that sewage is properly addressed.

Issues Arise After Rainfall

If you find that there are only issues with drainage after there has been rainfall, you’ll want to consider what’s going on across your property. In some instances, there may be downspouts or gutters that funnel the water into your drainage system. In other instances, there may be runoff from neighbouring homes. Addressing grading and installing the proper drainage around your home can solve such issues.

Often, it’s because of storm debris blocking the system. You may have to remove the debris by hand so that everything can drain properly. Then, you can perform the necessary landscaping services to prevent such things from happening again.

Evidence of Spills

In some instances, drainage issues with your system may not be caused by you but by others. Illegal dumping is a crime, and you may find that there’s evidence of spills – dumping of paint, chemicals, or something else that can upset the drainage system. When such things happen, you’ll want to find out the culprit. You can report them to the municipality or contact the municipality simply to report that there is a dumping problem.

Other Issues

Many problems that occur with drainage systems are due to insufficient inspections. By inspecting your system regularly (or having a professional do it for you), it’s easier to catch problems early on. They can be addressed so that you don’t encounter clogging, odours, or even backups inside of your home.

As soon as you notice an issue, it’s important to focus on it so that it doesn’t grow into a bigger problem that leads to unsanitary conditions for you and your family.

Schedule Service When You Have Drainage System Problems

Even with the highest level of drainage system maintenance, you may encounter problems from time to time. When you need help, it’s important to get a technician out as quickly as possible.

Our professional plumbers can provide the sanitary solutions you need quickly. We offer honest services that you and your family can rely on.

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