All You Need To Know About Residential Gas Fitting

September 8, 2021

Mitchel Plumbing Gas

All You Need To Know About Residential Gas Fitting

Are you looking for experienced and professional gas fitters Brisbane homeowners trust with all their gas needs? It can be tough to know where to start – especially if you don’t know the difference between residential gas fitting and plumbing. Check out some of these tips for what to look for when you need gas fitters Brisbane residents trust – but also if you’re looking for top commercial plumbers Brisbane home owners can rely on too.

Tip 1 – Make sure your gas fitter or plumber is licenced.

The first consideration for selecting gas fitters Brisbane -wide or top plumbing companies Brisbane home owners can rely on is to check if they are licensed. Unlicensed gas work is potentially dangerous, but is also illegal in all Australian states and territories.

If you use a licensed plumber or gas fitter to work on anything from basic plumbing jobs through to working on gas fittings near me, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your plumbing or gas work will be done correctly and safely.
Plumbing and Gas work should always be approached and handled with respect, as dealing with these things can be dangerous in unqualified hands. The idea of calling all gas line installers near me is a tempting one, but if you choose not to use a licensed tradesperson, you risk anything from property damage to putting your loved ones at the risk of harm. Always make sure you contact reputable gas installation companies near me.

So how do you know if the gas fitters Brisbane wide or plumbers Brisbane wide you’ve searched for are qualified and licensed? Easy. Gas fitting and plumbing licensing regulations are different from state to state, but the easiest way to know for sure is simply asking to see your tradesperson’s gas fitting card to prove that they have undertaken the appropriate training – which if so will mean that they are qualified to take your work on. Just think to yourself: ‘it should be the trademark of all reputable plumbing companies near me,’ and you’ll be removing a big source of uncertainty.

If you still need more certainty, you can always check a professional’s qualifications on You can also google Master Plumbers Australia, which is an additional source of information for all your top commercial plumbers Brisbane wide and will show you the nearest plumbing repair service near me.

Tip 2 – Know the difference between a plumber and a gas fitter.

Some plumbers, in addition to doing regular plumbing work, also offer gas fitting services. However, someone who is solely qualified as a gas fitter cannot provide any plumbing services, although they can provide appliance installation and maintenance. Before you start searching for gas fitters Brisbane wide, make sure you select the right person with the right qualifications for your job.

Licensed and qualified plumbers Brisbane residents call out can typically provide some gas fitting services, but it doesn’t work the other way around! Plumbing companies Brisbane home owners speak to might be able to recommend both, and both kinds of tradespeople may offer a few services that either one could do, such as providing reputed gastite fittings, but it is always important to know what job you need done and who is the right person for that job. Someone who is only qualified as a gas fitter Brisbane without a plumbing qualification cannot provide any plumbing work, however they are absolutely able to help you with any work on your gas systems such as cooktops and gas BBQs.

Gas fitters Brisbane:

A licensed gas fitter typically repairs, services and replaces natural gas appliances including cooktops, gas BBQs and also upright cookers plus fixtures within residential, commercial and industrial locations. This can potentially include converting BBQs to natural gas.

  • Installing gas pipes
  • Testing pipe work for gas appliances
  • Installing gas appliance flues
  • Installing gas detection and pressure regulating systems
  • Appliance maintenance including working with reputed gastite fittings
  • Installing gas related appliances and associated equipment
  • Installing LPG systems in boats or caravans
  • Providing customers with advice on how to operate and maintain gas
  • appliances using flue gasses
  • Reading and interpreting plans
  • Maintaining ancillary equipment and pipes used for safe operation

Plumbers Brisbane

Not only do plumbers deal with drainage, sewage and piping requirements, but fully qualified and licenced plumbing companies Brisbane wide can provide several gas fitting services.

Duties include:

  • Pipe fitting
  • Pipe disconnection
  • Pipe repair
  • Pipe installation

Typically a plumber will start their professional life by undertaking a plumbing apprenticeship and then engaging in extra study which qualifies them to also specialise in gas fitting, however there are some apprenticeships that allow for both at the same time. Many top commercial plumbers Brisbane wide will state that they are both plumbers and gas fitters, you should be aware that gas fitting is a separate occupation that requires separate training and additional qualifications compared to a standard plumber. Gas line installers near me will attest that it is not a straightforward profession!

Tip 3 – Do your research!

Although it may seem obvious, jumping online and looking up professional licensed plumbing contractors near me is a great place to start, as well as more generic terms such as gas fitters Brisbane and plumbers Brisbane. These sorts of searches typically yield good results.

Spending the time to do your research will allow you to read online reviews. Also take the time to look at different plumbing companies Brisbane websites, as most respectable plumbers Brisbane and gas fitters Brisbane have good quality websites which will showcase their qualifications and recent work, including things such as gas line installers near me and reputed gastite fittings.

If no one is leaping out at you, then contact Master Plumbers Australia, who will have a network of qualified professionals they work with regularly and should be able to recommend someone who services your area.

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