4 Common Drainage Problems You Should Be Prepared For

September 8, 2021

Mitchel Plumbing Gas

4 Common Drainage Problems You Should Be Prepared For

A proper and well-maintained drainage system is an asset to every property. Water that gets pooled in your yard is not only an unpleasant sight but also causes numerous long-term problems that are costly to fix.

Did you know that a poorly maintained drainage system can heavily damage the foundation of your property? That would be terrible, right?

If your home or commercial building present drainage-related issues, contacting a professional plumber Brisbane South is the not-so-secret sauce to identify and fix these immediately!

Just like you wouldn’t want anyone messing with your gas pipes -and would surely call gas fitters Brisbane Southside for a problem with these- the same applies to drainage issues.

What is a drainage issue?

A drainage system is a method through which water is directed into pipes and eventually the lower layers of soil. If there’s any problem with the system or process of draining excess water, it is known as a drainage issue.

Here are some common drainage problems that every homeowner would likely deal with at least once!

#1 – Objects blocking drainpipes

One of the most common issues people face regarding drainage are blocks caused by the buildup of hair, soap, food, and other similar substances that don’t flush down drainpipes very easily.

You wouldn’t notice blocks right away though. These are a result of the accumulation of waste over months and even years! When this happens, water flow becomes obstructed.

The best way to get rid of this problem is to hire a reliable plumber Brisbane south. They will unclog your drainage system and get it running smoothly in no time again!

Common Drainage Problems You Should Be Prepared For

#2 – Cracked or disjoined drainage pipes

Over time, your drainage pipes are subject to depreciation, which can cause them to break, crack, or get dislodged from joints. Even plant roots can damage them.

What happens in all of these situations is that the water leaking through the pipes affects both the foundation and the soil moisture.

If you suspect your drainage pipes to be damaged or displaced, lookout online for a ‘local plumber near me’ as soon as possible. You can even hire gas fitters Brisbane southside offering plumbing and drainage service.

#3 – Downspout and gutter issues

Gutters allow rainwater to flow smoothly while downspouts are responsible for routing water into drains.

If these are not installed and maintained correctly, rainwater can seep into your house through cracks. This compromises not only your foundation but also your garden. Keep in mind puddles of water are also breeding spots for mosquitoes -which can out your and your family at risk.

All in all, always ensure gutters and waterspouts are perfectly installed to direct water away from the property, and cleaned frequently to remove any debris collected in them.

If you hire one of the top plumbing services Brisbane that also offers drainage solutions, you can fix this issue easily.

#4 – Issues arising from the yard

The pitch of your yard can easily be a reason for drainage problems, especially if it isn’t levelled properly to direct water out of the property.

In this case, you would find pools of water stagnant in different places of the yard after heavy rain. Brisbane plumbing and drainage service providers can help you with this.

Landscaping can also cause trouble if it’s done without paying attention to the drainage system, mostly when surface depression and soil type are not considered when planning your garden. If this happens to you, contact one of the best plumbing services known for providing drainage solutions.

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