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Is your property's roof flashing showing signs of wear and tear? Roof flashing, that often overlooked thin metal material, plays a crucial role in ensuring your roof remains completely waterproof.

Ignoring damaged flashing can lead to costly water damage repairs, with insurance claims averaging over $10,000. To safeguard your home and your wallet, it's essential to schedule a thorough roof flashing inspection and timely repairs.

Why Trust Us for Roof Flashing Repair & Installation?

At Mitchell Plumbing & Gas, we specialize in all aspects of home and roof plumbing, including expert roof flashing repair and installation services. Here are some signs that your roof flashing may need attention:

-Water stains on ceilings, walls, or floors.
-Peeling paint, sagging ceilings, or wet roof spaces.
-Musty, damp, or moldy odors.
-Visible damage, cracks, wear, loose parts, rust, or missing sections in the flashing.
-Noticeable gaps around chimneys, skylights, or other roof penetrations.

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If you've noticed signs of a roof water leak or issues with your roof flashing, Neglecting potential problems can lead to extensive and costly damage. The friendly team at Mitchell Plumbing & Gas is here for inspections, repairs, replacements, or complete roof flashing installations.

With no-obligation quotes, transparent upfront pricing, and workmanship guaranteed for life, you can trust us with your roof flashing repair and installation needs. Our specialized tools and equipment, combined with our extensive experience and competitive pricing, ensure your roof flashing is restored to top-notch condition:

Comprehensive Roof Flashing Repair & Installation

1. Inspection: Our meticulous roof plumbers will safely access your roof, examining every detail and assessing the situation.
2. Assessment: We'll thoroughly inspect your existing roof flashing, checking for damage, missing sections, wear and tear, water damage, and potential trouble spots.
3. Repair & Replacement: Armed with the best tools, equipment, and materials, we'll address any damaged areas, swiftly and securely repairing or replacing the flashing, including proper sealing and leak testing.
4. Full Installation: If your existing flashing is beyond repair or you prefer an all-new installation, our roof plumbers will expertly cut and shape high-quality flashing to perfectly fit and seal all necessary areas, such as chimneys, skylights, roof valleys, vent pipes, and roof edges.
5. Safety & Leak Testing: Before completing the job, our fully-licensed roof plumbing team will conduct comprehensive leak and safety testing to ensure everything is working as it should.

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Roof Flashing Repair & Installation BRISBANE

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Mitchell Plumbing & Gas offers a full range of roof plumbing services to maintain the long-term integrity and functionality of your roof, including gutter and downpipe services, gutter guard installation, leaking roof repairs, roof ventilation, drainage, and more. With same-day service available in most cases and the friendliest and most immaculately-presented roof plumbing team across Brisbane and surrounding areas, we have you covered for all your roof flashing needs and more. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

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