When Brisbane was called Brisbane?

September 8, 2021

Mitchel Plumbing Gas

When Brisbane was called Brisbane?

Well, it started in 1934 when it was made into an official town! again, I don't know why I get asked this, I'm just a plumber!

Anyway, the story goes that a few developers from Sydney were looking for a place to build a new city. They settled on a spot near the Brisbane River and started construction in 1823. Back then there was no town or city here, just a few small villages.

The developers decided to name the new town after the River, which is a Scottish name meaning "the River of the Broken Bridge". It was initially named after Sir Thomas Brisbane the Governor of Queensland at the time.

So there you have it! That's When Brisbane was called Brisbane!

I know this because I have been a plumber in Brisbane for a while but not since it was founded a century ago! but I know my way around this amazing city pretty well.

Mitchell Plumbing and Gas has been serving Brisbane and greater areas for years and we know a thing or two about the city! We are the go-to when it comes to plumbing and gas in Brisbane!

We mainly operate from the South side of Brisbane but we are more than happy to travel to our clients on the north side as well! No job is too big or small for us!

Greenslopes, Moorooka, Holland Park, Carindale, Cannon Hill, Mt Gravatt, Eight Mile Plains are just a few of these suburbs in the southside.

Greenslopes is a suburb in South East Brisbane that is known for its leafy streets and family-friendly atmosphere. Moorooka is another one where It's got a really multicultural vibe and some great restaurants. Holland Park is also worth mentioning – it's one of the oldest suburbs in Brisbane and has a lot of character.

South East Brisbane is a great place to live! There are plenty of suburbs here with their own unique charm. However, South West Brisbane is also no exception when it comes to our service areas. We are more than happy to travel to Jindalee, Rocklea, Sinnamon Park, Darra, Wacol, Inala, Springfield and beyond!

Well, we know all about different suburbs but we don't give out real estate advice!

We are your local plumbing and gas experts in Brisbane! No matter what part of the city you live in, we can help you with all your plumbing and gas needs.

Fixing water pipes or leaking taps are not the only jobs of a plumber you know! We also do gasfitting, which is the installation and repair of gas appliances. This includes things like cooktops, ovens, heaters and barbeques.

Businesses and commercial properties also need plumbing and gas services from time to time. Especially the hospitality industry such as restaurants, cafes and bars. We have the experience and expertise to handle any type of job, big or small.

Did you know how much planning goes into gas fitting a restaurant? If you wondering how your favourite restaurant manages to have their cooktops, ovens and fryers all working at the same time without any problems, the answer is gasfitting!

Before a restaurant is designed to look a certain way, the gasfitters have to come in and plan where all the pipes will go. They need to make sure that there is enough gas coming into the restaurant to power all the appliances, and that the pipes are correctly installed so that there are no gas leaks. There will be regular maintenance and checkups to make sure that everything is working as it should be.

So, if you need a plumber or gasfitter in Brisbane, don't hesitate to give us a call! We are more than happy to help you with all your plumbing and gas needs.

Our range of services doesn't end there! We also do hot water system installation and repair, backflow prevention, roof plumbing, stormwater drainage and even renovation projects!

Brisbane has come a long way since it was first settled in 1823. Back then, it was just a tiny little town with a few hundred people. Now, it's a thriving metropolis with over two million people!

And Mitchell Plumbing and Gas is a family-owned business that has been servicing the people of Brisbane over 25 years. we have been here throughout the city's growth and changes and we're proud to say that we've been a part of it!

So, whether you need a plumber, gasfitter or just some good old fashioned advice, give us a call! We're always happy to help out our fellow Brisbanites.

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