Mitchell Plumbing and Gas: Brisbane's Go-To for Everhot Hot Water Solutions

Need Quick Everhot Hot Water Repairs?

For issues like leaks, Mitchell Plumbing and Gas is your Brisbane expert for quick hot water repairs and services for all Everhot systems, a brand trusted and manufactured by Rheem.

Why Choose Everhot and Mitchell Plumbing?

Get quality and peace of mind with Everhot's hot water systems. Mitchell Plumbing specializes in servicing and repairing Everhot products, ensuring your hot water needs are met.

Everhot's Versatile Offerings

Opt for Everhot's wide array of models—each with a 7-year warranty for Electric, Gas Storage, and Continuous Flow options. Our skilled hot water installers handle flawless installations.

Dual-Handed Electric

Everhot's dual-handed electric heaters, produced by Rheem, offer durability and diverse options, making them perfect for various domestic uses. They're a reliable choice for both hot water system installations and replacements.

Key Features:

- Wide capacity range (25L – 400L)

- 7 to 10-year cylinder warranties

- Fast replacements and comprehensive service support

Stainless Steel Electric

Maximize lifespan and efficiency with Everhot's Stainless Steel line. These units exceed energy standards and minimize maintenance costs, making them a savvy choice for hot water services.

Key Features:

- Available in 50L, 250L, and 315L

- Up to 40% lighter for easy handling

- 10-year cylinder warranty

4-Star Gas Storage

Replace your older 3-star gas model with Everhot's 4-Star gas storage units. With high recovery rates and energy efficiency, these heaters offer a dependable hot water solution.

Key Features:

- Two sizes: 135L and 170L

- 7-year cylinder warranty

- Strong recovery: 113L/hr

5-Star Gas Storage

Consider Everhot's 5-Star gas storage units for top-notch efficiency without requiring power or gas line upgrades. With strong recovery rates, these heaters meet high hot water demands.

Key Features:

- 5-star efficiency

- 10-year cylinder warranty

- Runs on standard ½” gas line

Everhot PRO: For Commercial Needs

Need a heavy-duty hot water solution? Everhot PRO offers robust options for commercial applications, with fast recovery and high capacities.

Key Features:

- Popular capacities of 50L and 315L

- 5-year cylinder warranty

- Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Instant Boiling Water by Everhot

Get immediate boiling water with Everhot's bench-mounted units, available in 3L and 5L capacities. Features ECO-mode for energy savings and a 5-year tank warranty.

Key Features:

- ECO-mode for energy saving

- 5-year tank warranty

- Made in New Zealand

Ready to learn more about Everhot's exceptional hot water tanks? Take a look below to explore your options and find the perfect solution for your needs!
With Mitchell Plumbing and Gas, enjoy seamless hot water system repairs, installations, and hot water services in Brisbane, all backed by a comprehensive national service network.

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