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Unblock Your Toilet

Is your toilet blocked with toilet paper & you don’t want to call a plumber? Here is a simple fix using just hot water.

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Unclog your Sink Drain

Here’s a quick DIY plumbing fix that can get your drain flowing freely again without harmful chemicals.

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Combat Low Shower Pressure

Suffering with low water pressure from your shower head? The good news is the fix is easy.

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Something Fell
in the Toilet

We’ve all been there: you accidentally dropped a ring or small object into the toilet. The good news is you don’t need to call a plumber or dismantle your plumbing to retrieve it.

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4 Signs You Need New Plumbing

Pipes and plumbing fixtures do not last forever. Eventually, the plumbing in your bathroom will need to be replaced.

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Fix Your Smelly

Does your Toilet smell but you can’t work out where it’s coming from? Here are some simple tips to help solve your smell.

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What to do when a Pipe Bursts

Did a pipe recently burst inside your home? If so, you may be dealing with a whole lot of water damage. Don’t Panic we can help.

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Repair a Leaking

Do you have a leaky tap?

Well here’s a step by step process to show you how to fix it!

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Extend the Life of
Your Hot Water Unit

Homeowners often want to get as many years as they can out of major appliances. Follow these simple steps to maximise the life of your hot water unit.

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3 Sounds your Toilet
is Making & Why

Sure, when you flush your toilet this isn’t exactly a silent process. However, if your toilet is making noises non stop this is not normal.

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Can’t Get Your Toilet
Bowl Clean

Can’t get your toilet bowl clean with a brush or cloth? Try this amazing hack using sandpaper!

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Hair Stuck in Drain

Do you have hair stuck in your shower drain, causing a blockage. We have a simple tip for you using just a cable tie.

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